The 2016 Brit Awards took place last night with the who’s who of the music industry out in force to show us what they got. Little Mix weren’t the only ones who took part in the pick n’ mix of fashion. From full on glamour to questionable hats there was definitely a jumble of style on the red carpet.

Here are the styles that really stood out for me…



Trousers,skirts,dresses,jackets,lingerie. It was a mixed up look for the girls, the only thing that pulled this together was the colour palette but it was too mish mashed for me…




I am a HUGE Adele fan and in my eyes she really can do no wrong, however this girls body is amazing! You could see underneath all those flounces and ruffles hides a bangin Jessica-Rabbit-esque body. Her hair and make up though were simply flawless!

adele makeup


PBI: The BRIT Awards 2016

Lets face it, she could wear a tracksuit on the red carpet and still look absolutely amazing. I got a varied response from my social media platforms with this one, half of you said she looked amazing (which she does) but half also said nay to the dress. I’m sure this dress could look amazing but somehow I think the styling lets it down, the metallic silver sandal looks garish against the pale yellow and the hair and make up just don’t fit with the overall look. In fact speaking of the hair, combined with her shade of choice she almost looks like a modern day Belle from Beauty&The Beast.



All this aside though she was simply glowing and looked really happy despite her recent marriage split.



Oh dear, and this is just of course my opinion but this look really wasn’t work work work work working for me. The length,the fit everything just didn’t scream FIERCE which Fenty herself is usually the queen of. Dare I say it reminded me of a lovely lady going to dinner on a cruise ship??

Hair and make up though? She werk werk werk werk werked it! (Ok I’ll stop..)



Why the hat Kylie? Why? This dress was so perfect for her, lets face it, she’s like a little doll brought to life so this pretty prom party dress was a perfect choice but its like she put it on and her stylist went “how can we make this totally gorgeous little party dress ‘edgy’ ? I know lets add a hat and some green satin shoes!” Kudos to Kylie for still looking super cute though.

Who was your best and worst dressed from last nights Brits? Comment Below!!

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